cole field  Williamstown, MA


 Where it all began… the 

tradition never dies

Tradition is something you can’t package up or buy on Amazon. Tradition evolves over the years and is shaped by people, values, and experiences. The Ephmen Lacrosse tradition begins with Renzie Lamb – Teacher, Coach, Hall of Famer, Mentor, Marine, Husband, Father. Legend. 


The Ephmen Lacrosse Team carries on this tradition by honoring our legendary coach, embracing our brotherhood, expressing our gratitude for being together, and playing lacrosse – for the love of the game. 

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our values


Brotherly, Close-Knit, Cohesive, Competitive, Devoted, Together


Camaraderie, Closeness, Fraternity, Friendship, Teammates


Renzie, Always, Eternally, Till Hell Freezes Over, Timeless, Evermore

our Team(s)

Ephmen Lax 2021

2022 team

For 14 years we have been fielding a team at the Vail Tournament.

Not only does the Vail tournament represent a certain degree of physical sacrifice, but it more importantly reminds us of the unbreakable bonds we have developed at Williams. After the muscles are iced up and the pain has settled down, the Ephmen players relax and relive the experiences that brought us together. 

The 2022 Team is ready to reload after an impressive performance last year. The roster has been rebuilt and is ready for competition. 

2022 Team Details