ephmen lacrosse

Ephmen Lacrosse was created in 2007 in an effort to reunite a group of Williams College Men’s Lacrosse players. The team made their first appearance at the Vail Lacrosse Tournament in 2008. Throughout the years the Ephmen were led and inspired by their former Coach Renzie Lamb. We lost Renzie in November 2018, but the team carries on his tradition and we always play in his memory.

In 2021, Ephmen Lacrosse will once again assemble from all across the United States… and maybe even Singapore! They will be traveling from places as near as Boulder, CO, and as far as the Hawaiian shores, the Maine coastline, STRONG ISLAND, and the Floridian Peninsula to play the Creators Game. Timid souls fear playing lax at the tender age of 50+ at an altitude of 8,000 feet. Purple Cows, however, thrive in these conditions. The Purple “Run and Gun: ALL FUN” brand of lacrosse is guaranteed to excite lacrosse fans in the Vail Valley. Sprinkled amongst the EPHMEN for some extra spice are a few former players from Colgate, Johns Hopkins, Denison, UNH, and UMBC.

The EPHMEN will again be employing a not-so-secret weapon … BOOST OXYGEN. We performed better and recovered better with the boost from BOOST OXYGEN. They are sponsoring us this year, and we will be using it all up! It’s just too effective!

Over the years the EPHMEN made their summer Vail pilgrimage for the Masters and now in the Grandmasters tourneys. The lynchpin of past trips was that we traveled with our beloved coach Renzie Lamb and his wife Terry. Sadly, we lost Renzie Lamb to a brain aneurysm at the age of 81 in November 2018. Coach Lamb is a legend of the game and we always play in his memory. He impacted the game of lacrosse and the lives of all of the EPHMEN, from the many All-Americans to the practice players. We are blessed that Coach Terry Lamb will be with us again this year. Buckle up for safety!


The History

Highlights / Milestones Through the Years!


Williams Lacrosse All-American Jamey Gallop played in Vail for the NYAC team, Rob Santry played for the Saint Lawrence team, and Fellow Captain and CO Resident Taylor Watts came along to watch. They sat down after a game in the Valley, coiffing cold beverages, and gave birth to Ephmen Lacrosse – a consortium of Williams College Lacrosse Alumni.


1st Year General Managers Jamey and Christie Gallop did all the heavy lifting to organize the trip, and without Denver native, Chris Oldham’s tireless help lassoing local CO talent – the team would not have gotten off the ground. The record isn’t memorable, but Doug “Gumby” Gilbert stuck a fast break goal in OT to finish off the tourney on an exciting winning note.


Ephmen WIN the CHAMPIONSHIP! (Of consolation bracket as dEPHiant) In the final 2 minutes of play in the Championship game, we are up by about 8 goals. On this beautiful sunny day, someone (we won’t mention names JMO) decides to fire a field-length diagonal pass from the defensive zone all the way to the offensive zone. Renz always hated that. He also would coach 100mph from the first to last whistle. He let out some MOABS (mother of all bombs) of colorful language that rang throughout the valley! It was 1986 all over again and we won the championship.


dEPHiant – Lots of great breakfasts in the Mountain Haus.


Team rebrands as itself, EPHMEN. Mike Turnbull ALMOST rips the net from midfield. Renz screams at him. Duper establishes himself as our best player… FOREVER. Renzie’s 80th Birthday party an event for the ages. Paul Meeks missed a career as a game show host! Doug Gilbert’s son Michael expanded his vocabulary that night from all the colorful tributes amongst the 25 Ephmen faithful that showed up.


Stripper, Brownie, and Boz took the Red Lion to the next level. Renzie Lamb was masterful in his coaching efforts, as he got a bunch of old dogs to try a new trick … passing “The ball never gets tired!” “All you guys want to do is shoot shoot shoot and its not working. I keep telling you to pass. Now, what I’m gonna tell you to do is SHOOT, because YOU DON’T LISTEN!” Renz miraculously righted the ship and we won that game. And took the next 2 to OT.




Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, we apologize for not setting the over 50 lax world on fire .. again.